Why List With Us?


Advantages of Membership

Real estate agents in and around St Augustine have two local boards of realtors to choose from.  There are The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors as well as St Augustine and St Johns County Board of Realtors.  Since most agents choose membership with one board or the other, their listings are posted with a gap in coverage, as a result, willing and able buyers never know about their listings!  We have membership on both boards so you may enjoy full coverage.

Superior Targeting

Is there more we can do?  Absolutely!  Our team is focused on laser precision targeting of demographically compatible buyer candidates.  When someone is searching to buy a home in our area it is detected over the internet.  We sort these likely buyers into categories so we can target those most likely to be interested in your property, (based on household income and pages they have visited).  Then we show thousands of advertisements across many internet platforms in search of your best buyer.  Perhaps this is the the same principle that  brought you to this page. 

Ad Spend Offer

We are offering a $1,000 ad spend. We will continue to advertise your property until it sells. We will seek to expend the $1000 ad spend as quickly as possible, as it is our goal to sell your home quickly. Once the home is under a sales contract the ad spend may cease. This offer is available as long as it is posted here. Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Complimentary Photography

We offer wide angle photography to to highlight your home’s interior as well as drone photography to highlight its exterior.