Homes For Sale In St Augustine is a free resource for those interested in real estate for sale in and around St Augustine FL.  For the reasons below, we feel this is the best site anywhere for searching for homes for sale in St. Johns County. This site has the feel of tools used by real estate agents because those tools feed directly into this site, including both a standard IDX feed as well as the new RETS technology feed.  Additionally we use the newest RESO Standard feed to filter and refresh every 30 minutes to bring and update the newest listings.  When you use our organizer you will be given the opportunity to receive instant listing update opportunities.  Did we mention that BOTH local MLS’ feed into our site?  The benefits of having access to the freshest, hottest listings from both local boards cannot be overstated. Stale listings are almost always stale for a reason.  We are in a serious sellers market and information is the key to winning your next home.  Most will figure out how to use the advanced search and map feature quick.  The best practice is to click the pencil icon on the map to select the geographic area you desire and then click the filters button to refine your search.  You will be prompted to enter your email for free updates.  You may choose to x out if you don’t wish to receive relevant updates.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 904-295-5391. We would be glad to help.