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Heather Vieczorek, St Augustine Realtor
Heather Hanna Vieczorek… Founder at Homes For Sale In St Augustine

To provide exceptional results for our clients we focus on exclusive client services and advanced use of information technology. By “exclusive client services” we mean that we will never over book our agents. Real estate transactions tend to be both highly competitive and highly technical endeavors, requiring focus and attention to detail. In our view an agent cannot adequately complete a closing and write an offer simultaneously, though many attempt to do just that. Equity favors the diligent and diligence is what we all about. A reputation for exceptional success is built one transaction at a time with a singular focus on a sole client each of those times.

“Advanced use of information technology”, includes always seeking to go beyond the normal channels used by exceptional agents, such as the use of BOTH local MLS subscriptions. We seek to exceed these capabilities by increasing visibility of homes for sale in At Augustine, through (SEO) structured data on google and other search engines. We also focus on pushing stunning visual presentations through these channels with the use of drone and wide angle photography.

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