#SEOYOURLISTING Is a trademarked hashtag used to describe a service which search engine optimizes your listing to expose it to buyers searching the internet for homes.  Today’s search engine companies work in tandem with internet browsers to determine what internet users are searching for.  Websites and links within them may be tagged.   So for example, if a user of this site clicks a tagged link on this site while searching for homes between certain price points they may be added to a list and later shown ads across internet web pages and internet applications and these ads could include homes for sale within their desired price points.  Therefor, if we #SEOYOURLISTING and it falls within their desired price points, there is a strong likelihood they will be shown an ad with your listing while using one of their favorite internet applications.  This is a great way to laser target those who would be most interested in purchasing your home.  The more buyers we can bring to the table as soon as your property goes on the market, the greater your chances of getting that coveted high cash offer and/or bidding war for the sale of your home.