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Housing market trends in St Augustine from early 2017

By Steven Vieczorek

Market data on homes for sale in St. Augustine
2017/05/08 date created

Those interested in market data on homes for sale in St. Augustine will find this page helpful.

Graph showing average sq’ prices of homes sold during early 2017 in St Augustine

Sq’ prices trending upward while sellers seem to have overestimated the market.

Our data suggests that prices are trending up for homes for sale in St Augustine, Florida. Since January, we generally see a $10 per sq’ increase as of today! This of course varies across the various subdivisions of St Augustine. If you need specific data for any subdivisions, we know a REALTOR who will be glad to help.

Heather Vieczorek, St Augustine Realtor
Realtor Heather Hanna Vieczorek is passionate about helping you get the most for your investment.

Heather will get you the data you need to make a smart decision, provide an array of options and help you negotiate the right deal. Feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call now at 904-295-5391. You may also search our full site at

Know the effect of sellers overestimating the upward trend in prices for homes for sale in St Augustine.

Our  graph and data below suggests that many homes for sale in St Augustine are  sitting on the market for a lengthy period even though prices are trending upward.  Frankly, some of these properties are in need of experienced listing agents making sure that the sellers are well informed as well as buyers agents ready to negotiate unrealistic prices down. We work with our client to help them find the correct number. We usually provide them with weekly statistics to back up our conclusions. Also, we work with many clients, both buyers and sellers with differing goals.  Some clients are more motivated than others.  Making sure you work with someone who can show you the numbers and thereby ensure  you are on a realistic path toward meeting your goals is of the utmost importance to your bottom line as well as your piece of mind.  We can break the numbers down even further to show you how many days homes sit on the market at various price points.  So give us a call, we can help you!






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