$800 Flat Fee Listing

We would be happy to do flat fee listing for you.  In this scenario we would have a “no brokerage relationship” with you which means we cannot discuss your transaction with you beyond gathering the necessary data to post your listing on to the multi listing service.  Consider the following first please.  Real Estate transaction involve highly technical contracts requiring performance on the part of the signers.  Each party has enforceable expectations and rights pursuant to such contracts.  These rights and expectations come into focus throughout a contractual process as buyers and sellers learn about properties for sale.  Latent defects can lead unaware and unprepared parties into confusion especially when they have made agreements prior to learning of such defects.  Therefor it is wise for parties to be guided by an agent fully aware of the contracts and processes agreed to therein as well as addendums to contracts which can protect parties.  A full understanding of these real estate contracts and the possible implications should be understood prior to signing a real estate sales contract.  That being said, for those determined to negotiate through these contracts alone, we are offering flat fee MLS posting at $800.  Just beware that another party represented by a competent real estate agent could gain an unwanted advantage in the negotiation and you could potentially be bound to the unwanted consequences of not fully understanding what you signed.  Furthermore, you are not likely to  get as large of a gross selling price for the sale of your home as an experienced single agent could.